Kelly is a session player, studio and touring musician. His playing wields so much power, not only rhythmically but melodically and visually as well.

     Hailing from New York, Kelly cut his teeth on Jazz, Motown and Progressive Rock as a kid. Playing not only the bass guitar, he is also skilled at playing the baritone, trombone, trumpet, drums and basically all things rhythm. When it came time to bite though, he really sunk his fangs into all things metal.

     In his teens, Kelly moved to “the soon to be Death Metal capital of the world”, Florida. He was part of a scene that was taken right out of the chronicles-of-metal. It stirred a record label feeding frenzy and produced some of the most influential bands in metal history! Two of those bands have featured none other than Kelly himself, most notably, DEATH and MONSTROSITY.

     DEATH: “Symbolic”
(Metal-Rules.com ranks this album as the 7th greatest extreme-metal album and the 58th greatest heavy metal album of all time).

     MONSTROSITY: “Millinnium” & “In Dark Purity”
(A spawning ground for some of the greats in Death Metal, such as George “Corpsegrinder” now in Cannibal Corpse.)

     FIRES OF BABYLON: “Devilution”
(Recorded for Metal Heaven.) Also featuring, vocalist Rob Rock of the bands Impellitteri & MARS-MacAlpine, Aldridge, Rock, Sarzo. Guitarist Lou St. Paul of Winter's Bane,
and Drummer Rob Falzano of Annihilator/Shatter Messiah.

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